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Introducing PARDEVO's latest marvel: an exquisite Refillable Travel Spray, meticulously crafted to embody unparalleled elegance and functionality. Hand-crafted with the finest leather, this travel companion epitomizes immaculate craftsmanship, marrying tradition with a contemporary flair.

A testament to a rich heritage of tailoring and wanderlust, this refillable spray is not just an accessory but a statement piece—a timeless addition to your Perfume collection or a luxurious gift for a cherished one.

Refilling Instructions:

Prior to refilling, gently remove the insert from the leather case to prevent any potential damage. Refill effortlessly by applying pressure from the top of your PARDEVO spray bottle.

Care Instructions:

For optimal care, detach the insert from the leather case for cleaning. Steam the insert before reuse with another fragrance. Ensure it's thoroughly dry before selecting your next scent to refill, ensuring a seamless olfactory experience every time.

Experience the epitome of refinement and utility with PARDEVO's Refillable Travel Spray—an ode to sophistication and wanderlust, designed to accompany you on your most memorable journeys.

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